The company “KAZET” SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ has received a grant from the European Union for a project entitled. “Development of a GOZ-transformation business model to minimize the environmental impact of KAZET’s operations”.


The project aims to carry out a GOZ audit of KAZET sp. z o.o. and on its basis develop a GOZ-transformation business model.

The consulting services leading to the preparation of the GOZ-transformation business model include:

execution of an audit examining the production and production-related processes implemented in the enterprise,
verification of achieved environmental indicators,
selection of key areas where corrective actions/implementation of solutions in the GOZ trend are most urgent,
Determination of other areas of the company’s operation where improvements from the GOZ stream can be implemented,
Determining recommendations for actions that are part of the GOZ assumptions, including specifying indicators to monitor the progress of implementing recommendations and achieving environmental and economic benefits.

The beneficiary, prior to submitting an application for funding under the project, carried out a self-diagnosis examining the level of development in the area of transformation towards GOZ. The diagnosed phase was defined as transitional. This shows great potential for implementing further changes in line with the idea of sustainable development.


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Value of the project: 82 781,00 zł

The amount of contribution from the European Funds: 82 781.00 PLN